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Exceptional Service
and Results

We don't just place people in jobs.
We solve problems and so do
our candidates.

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Why Use a Recruiter?

The best leaders are currently leading in their field, not spending their time posting resumes and reading job descriptions. We are the bridge that reaches those qualified, passive candidates, revealing the value your company has to offer.

Using a recruiter to find the next addition to your team allows you to get back to the work you need to get done, without having to expend your valuable time and resources.

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We help you TAKON TALENT the right way.

Customizing solutions to meet your specific hiring needs is our specialty. Our team has a proven track record and industry leading experience helping companies hire from Supervisor to C-Suite, startups to Fortune 500. Need a top MBA, military Veteran, leader with proven experience in your industry, or a candidate with all of the above? We've done it all.

Partner with us to TAKON the best.

We Listen

Understanding your needs goes

far beyond understanding a job description. We listen and dig

deep to identify the skills and intangibles that will make a

perfect fit for your team. 

We Customize

With our comprehensive understanding of your company and hiring needs, we expertly craft creative solutions. Together we decide on a go-to-market strategy that delivers maximum results.

We Deliver

With a powerful focus on the unique value your company offers, we reach the best on and off market candidates. We deliver the most competitive and qualified leaders eager to join your team.

Direct Hire

Applicant Pipeline Sourcing

Executive Hiring

VC & PE Partnerships

Military Hiring 

Diversity Hiring

Leadership Development Programs

Talent Consulting

Startup Scaling 

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Sample Solutions We've Provided

Customizing solutions for your hiring needs is our specialty.


We won't waste your valuable time. Only fully screened and vetted candidates will be presented. Your fee and guarantee will be based on your specific needs. We do not require exclusivity as we believe you deserve the best candidate available, and we're confident they will come from us.

Let's find the best solution

for your hiring needs.

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